Top 5 must-know Emerging Agriculture Technologies

Top 5 must-know Emerging Agriculture Technologies

Technology has an impact in almost all possible fields, and agriculture is not an exception to it. Agriculture, as we know, is one of the primitive things and the mother of all other professions. The first thing that man came to know of is agriculture, and that is what helped his livelihood. If not for the art of agriculture, it could have been hard to find an alternative means of survival. As a result of agriculture, people not only enjoyed food but also learnt how to properly make use of the wastes and the residue that were the remains of agriculture. Right from dress to tools, everything was found as a result of agriculture.

Agriculture has given us a lot, and today it is our turn to pay our tribute back to the art of farming and farmers. This is the idea that changed the way we were involved in agriculture. Technology has replaced the age-old methods, and cost-effective methods are emerging as a virtue of technology. So here are the 5 emerging technologies in the field of agriculture.

Top 5 must-know Emerging Agriculture Technologies

Weather tracking devices:

Weather tracking devices aren’t a luxury in farming today. In the recent times, it has simply become a mandatory one, a basic necessity that will help farmers prevent the loss that is caused as a result of unpredictable weather conditions. Unlike the facilities that we have in developed countries, many countries lack accuracy in weather forecasts. As a result, the major loses are faced by people like farmers, fishermen and so on. So a weather tracking device can help farmers protect their produce well in advance.

Crop sensors:

So with IoT, Internet of Things, becoming a part of everything it is quite laughable if I say your crops and plants are Wi-Fi connected devices that can be operated and monitored from wherever you are. Laugh, but you will have to believe it as this is possible today. There are crop sensors that are connected to the crops, and they can be connected to other internet devices to do things that are otherwise not possible. If your locks and watches can attract Wi-Fi, why not crops?

Gene alteration:

Depending on what it does and the impact it can create in the lives of the people when they consume such food are the factors that determine whether the concept of gene alteration in plants is a boon or bane. Genetically altered crops came into the picture only to eradicate the sick species and the plants that lacked the reproductive capacity. The genetically altered fruits and vegetables were also claimed to healthy than the other types. The technology of seedless fruits and others are fine as long it doesn’t impact us negatively.

Vertical Farming:

Vertical Farming was only an imagination 60 to 70 years back, but today it isn’t that same. There are people who are involved in the act of vertical farming. So what is this vertical farming? Vertical farming came as a solution to the confusion that existed as to how the urban world will carry out farming. With vertical farming, you can grow crops in a stack, placed one over the other in a vertical row.

Satellite Imaging:

It is simply a technology to get a glimpse of the crops that you grow from the heavens view. Today you can take a picture of the crop using the technology of satellite imaging and monitor the growth of your crops. Also, there are also mean to connect the satellite to these weather trackers and crop sensors to control better and work more effectively.

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