Things to Keep In Mind When Picking Gaming Monitors

Getting gaming monitors have become more common place over the years. With better graphics came the need for better screens to display them, but along with those also came the rush of impulse buying. Not every gaming monitor is the same so here a few things to keep in mind with buying a gaming monitor.


One of the more obvious things to keep in mind when getting the right gaming monitor is the size. Many people want the largest screen available as they equate size with picture and sound quality, however, it is important to get the right screen size that fits the space it will be in.

For example, if you are the type of gamer to switch which room you’re playing in constantly or some days you like to sit at your desk and game while other days you like to game in bed, getting a large screen mounted to your wall may not be the best choice for you. Remember that the most expensive gaming monitor isn’t always the best monitor.

Equally on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are the type of gamer who likes to be rooted in place in your game room and have space to spare, maybe a large desktop type or wall mount may be better for you.

Keeping size in mind is important since your gaming monitor will be like a sort of investment because of the price. This should be as carefully picked as the gaming computer or console you got was.


Now that you’ve picked out your size, let’s get down to the real reason you would even want a gaming monitor: the refresh rate. For anyone who may not know, the refresh rate refers to the amount of times a monitor can change an image per second.

Basically, the higher the Hz displayed while buying, the more smooth and clear the picture is. For avid gamers looking at refresh rate, it’s particularly important if you’re playing a game whose mechanics matter down at the frame level.

People who have mastered Street Fighter and other fighting games are known for this and each frame matters. If the screen has a low refresh rate this could lead to the missing of key details in gaming as well as the common enemy we all share: lag. For others it might not even be that deep of a need for a good refresh rate; in the end if all boils down to you seeing the clearest and fastest picture possible for your gaming session.

There are many other things to keep in mind like panel type (the type of color that will be displayed on your screen), syncing capabilities, and other spec information but questions about those are much less common. Affordability is another thing to keep in mind of course; you want enough money to buy the games after!

Remember to look for the Hz number of the monitor and keep the inches and durability in mind when picking your next gaming monitors.

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