Health Benefits From Running

Many people around the world exercise by routine running. Whether you run only a mile a day or all the way up to the 26.2 miles of a full marathon, your overall health will improve. There are several ways running does this, but here are just a few of them.

Running Will Help Your Heart

Your heart is one of the many muscles in your body. When being exercised, it will be strengthened. Running daily will do this and make it to work more effectively than it will work if you do not exercise. By having a strong heart, your heart will not have to work as hard when at rest; therefore, your resting heart-rate will be lower.

The additional strength from running means it pumps your blood with less effort, and will also reduce your likelihood of having high blood pressure. Also, having a strong heart will decrease the chances of heart related health issues.

Running will Strengthen Your Joints

Unlike what you may have been told, running will help your joints. Especially when using a treadmill, there is less pressure on your joints – because a treadmill effectively simulates the real art of jogging and running. Having stronger joints reduces the likelihood of osteoarthritis (which is the degeneration of joint cartilage and the bone underneath the knee joints) which will result in having healthier knees.

By strengthening knee joints your chances of having this form of arthritis can be reduced by half. Like your muscles, your joints will get stronger when stressed. Something like walking has similar movement but will not result in stronger joints because of how little impact walking has compared to running.

Running Will Result in Weight Loss

Running is among the best exercises for weight loss as well as maintaining a consistent weight. As you run your body fat will convert into calories and be burned away by the run. This means you should be sure to not eat an excessive amount of calories per day. Also, the more miles you run in a day the more body fat you are likely to lose. Even a few miles per day is great to reduce weight and to maintain a healthy weight.

Running can Prevent Disease

Experts agree that exercise does this. Frequent exercise can reduce the likelihood of many types of cancer. Running reduces your chances of having heart-related diseases as well as diabetes. Even a small percentage of weight loss from running (such as 5%-7%) can reduce the chances of being a type 2 diabetic by over 50%. Your eyes will benefit from running as well. Studies have shown you are less likely to have macular degeneration as well as cataracts.

Some of the other benefits of running include a possibly longer life and reduced stress. And it is an exercise that can be done anywhere (even indoors with a treadmill). Over all, running and other kinds of vigorous exercise will help anyone to live a better and longer life.

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