5 ways Technology has changed the way we Communicate

If there is one thing that keeps changing every single day, then it is technology. New inventions come out every minute, and it is simply not possible to stop it. One of the things that have tremendously changed as a benefit of this technology is Communication. Technology has for sure changed the way we communicate today. The older methods of communication are slowly beginning to perish. The impact of technology isn’t bad as well. It has influenced and changed our lives for the better. So here we are going to see as to how technology has changed the way we communicate.

5 ways Technology has changed the way we Communicate

Speed of communication:

If there is one undeniable thing that has happened as a result of technology with regard to communication is the speed at which we communicate. Earlier any type of communication that we made took a lot of time to reach the receiver. People have to make a lot of efforts to talk to people who aren’t available at the reachable proximity. But today with the growth of technology, communication is nothing but a piece of cake.

Ease of communication:

Abroad calls? It is no way different from a local call today. That is the power of today’s technology and is one evidence as to how technology has evolved tremendously. Long hours of communication to people who live in distant places is not a problem. You can quickly communicate whatever you want to tell the person on the other end. There are no hard and fast rules. Communication can never get easier than this.


Ten years ago, I would have probably laughed had someone told me communication would become perpetually free one day. I think we are living in it today. Today communication has not only become easy, but it has also become free. Today with the development of a lot of apps you can talk to people anywhere and everywhere as long as you please. Of course, there are indirect costs that would occur as in your net charge and electricity for instance. But those costs are incurred in negligible quantum that you don’t actually realise the burden.


This is one place where the cost and quality are in inverse variation. Though today you are incurring fewer costs with regard to communication, the quality of communication has gone up more than what we want. The seamless communication facilities that we enjoy today is a result of the development that technology has led us into. Handwritten mails and letters losing track in between, tiring loud hellos that never reach the other end, even poor internet have all become a thing of the past.

See the speaker:

The concept of cameras and video chatting is the biggest boon of the developed means of communication. People today we live in a world where we can see the person on the other end while we speak, irrespective of where the person is located. Video conferencing is one of the most important things that has become an advantage to both individuals and organisations.


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