Where To Look?

Dónde buscar, in English roughly translates to ‘where to look’. And this is that one good place to start. We look at the world around us and pick up those interesting facts that have influenced the internet either through visuals or ideas. And, it is all about learning that helps you deal with social interactions online as well as offline.

Learning never stops and it shouldn’t be boxed into likes and dislikes either. What might have been uninteresting to you in the past may be quite interesting now. So, the next time you are feeling bored, you never know…you might come here and take away something that you did not know was true.

Interesting Fact: Did you know there are more motor traders in the UK than in any other country, on a trader-to-population basis? One Sure Insurance recently contacted us to say that there are 1 motor trader per 100 people in the UK – and that’s a phenomonel statistic. Yet another reason to learn!

Internet Laws

Gaming Monitors

Things to Keep In Mind When Picking Gaming Monitors

Getting gaming monitors have become more common place over the years. With better graphics came the need for better screens to display them, but along with those also came the rush of impulse buying. Not every gaming monitor is the same so here a few ...
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Godwin’s Law – How Hitler Creeps Into Most Discussions

‘Reductio ad Hitlarium’ is a logical fallacy and translated into English, it means “X is bad since Hitler liked X”. Interestingly, this very comparison was used for long to vilify atheists and even vegetarians at one point in time. In close relation to the above ...
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Poe’s Law And Why Internet Smileys Have Gained Prominence Over The Years

Have you ever noticed how a discussion initiated by a small comment on religion or politics on the internet snowballs into a weird frenzy of people’s sentiment being hurt? And it is only later that someone notices that the first comment was meant in jest ...
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Online Conformity Tricks

BYAF – A Compliance Gaining Technique

An effective method of gaining compliance from a random group of people was demonstrated by Gueguen and Pascual, which they ...
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Confirmation Bias – You Do Have It, You Just Aren’t Aware Of It

Have you ever found yourself searching for information or even interpreting a certain data in a way that confirms your ...
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Photo Tricks

Making Mexican Foods Look Great through Trick Photography

There is a strong correlation between how we view food and therefore our choice to eat it. That has since been the concept on which fast food companies woo their customers. The first step – ...
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How Beverage And Dessert Are Made To Look Good In Photos

Its true that our perception of what a quality cup of coffee, or that chilled glass of beer and beverages look like is mainly influenced by the pictures that we have been used to for ...
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Health Benefits From Running

Many people around the world exercise by routine running. Whether you run only a mile a day or all the ...
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